About Us

Karen E. Franks - Author


Karen E. Franks grew up in Bermuda and various provinces in Canada. From an early age, she had a vivid imagination and loved to dream.  She would enjoy writing and drawing imaginative stories in school. Her inspiration comes from playing in the jungle like settings every day at primary school with her friends while growing up in Bermuda.  Karen has always worked in the business world and found her gift for writing again after taking a writing class at Marylhurst University in Portland Oregon.    Karen’s love for writing was reborn along with her love for the creative arts, and is writing short stories about a precocious little girl named Abigail who has wonderful adventures during the day and mystical, magical dreams at night with her friends joining in her dreams from around the world. The words in the short stories create images.



Colette Alexandratos - illustrator


From a young age, Colette has always been captured by animated characters and drawn figures. Having grown up watching Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers and Disney animated films and series, she wanted to learn more about this art form.
Colette went on to study at the Arts University Bournemouth (formely known as The Arts Institute at Bournemouth) in Animation Production in the United Kingdom. She was lucky enough to direct and produce my own animated film Un Mare di Memorie, whilst there, which went on to be screened at the BFI in London as well as at Bimini festival in Latvia.
Since leaving university, Colette has branched out and turned her attention to children’s illustration to which she works as a freelance illustrator.